ABC provides measurement for a variety of media, by offering a range of compliance and auditing services to meet the needs of the media industry. These include:
- Print publications
- Digital publications
- Websites
- Email newsletterss
- Exhibitions and Conferences
The ABC logo is a valued seal of trust which provides confidence to the market. A number of stakeholders and decision makers use our data:
- Media owners
- Media Agencies
- Advertisers
- Marketers
- Management
- Government
The ABC logo reinforces the way advertising is traded across the converging media landscape, and allows value to be measured and compared.

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Latest News

Death of Gordon Patterson, President of the ABC SA

22 Jul 2016

It is with a sense of shock and devastation that the ABC announces the tragic death of Gordon Patterson, the President of the ABC. Gordon was the victim of a hijacking last night.


10 May 2016

(all comparisons are with Quarter 4 2015) The ABC has for the first time issued data relating to multi-platform certification. In addition to print circulation data, website traffic and email newsletter delivery data are also provided. Each title now has an online ‘Headline report’ summarising the data for all the platforms.

ABC Press Release 14/10/2015

14 Oct 2015


Recent Notices

ABC Q4 2015 Presentation by Charles Beiles

18 Feb 2016

The ABC Q4 2015 Results Presented by Charles Beiles in Cape Town on 18 Feb 2016.

ABC Q4 2015 Presentation by Stuart Lowe - Cape Town

18 Feb 2016

ABC Q4 2015 Presentation by Stuart Lowe

ABC 2015 Year-End Newsletter

12 Jan 2016

ABC Newsletter : Summary of Year 2015

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"Hallo Mishack I want to thank you. When I logged in today, the correct certificate was uploaded. In our business I don’t think that we realise how fortunate we are to have a person like you to assist us and who is prepared to walk the extra mile to assist his clients. Once again, thank you. "

- Zelda Malan - Die Ghaap-Kimberley Gazette
(04 Nov 2015)

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