ABC provides measurement for a variety of media, by offering a range of compliance and auditing services to meet the needs of the media industry. These include:
- Print publications
- Digital publications
- Websites
- Email newsletterss
- Exhibitions and Conferences
The ABC logo is a valued seal of trust which provides confidence to the market. A number of stakeholders and decision makers use our data:
- Media owners
- Media Agencies
- Advertisers
- Marketers
- Management
- Government
The ABC logo reinforces the way advertising is traded across the converging media landscape, and allows value to be measured and compared.

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Latest News

ABC Closure 2016

09 Dec 2016

Happy Festive Season from the ABC Team!!!!


16 Nov 2016

Please refer to each title’s online ‘Headline report’ for the summary of data for all the platforms.

ABC Elects a New President and Vice President

16 Nov 2016

Andre van Tonder and Paul Peters elected as president and vice president of the ABC respectively.

Recent Notices

ABC Notice No 5 - 2018

22 Aug 2018

List of New members, Suspensions, Terminations, Check Audits, Restatements as well as other changes for Q2 2018 period.

ABC Q2 2018 Multi-Platform Data Release

14 Aug 2018

Please refer to each title’s online ‘Headline report’ for the summary of data for all the platforms.

ABC Presentation 4th Quarter of 2017, presented via Webinar on 14 February 2018

14 Feb 2018

Charles Beiles presented the ABC Q4 2017 presentation via Webinar this morning.

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"Many thanks for your professionalism in conducting the audit and for the speedy response, i am very happy with my decision to have switched to the ABC for the quarterly auditing."

- Brett Wood
(22 Oct 2010)

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- Bob Wells

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