Grassroots Overview

The ABC Grassroots Certificate is designed to audit smaller rural, township and neighbourhood publications that cannot afford the costs associated with full ABC membership.

The certificate will confirm print orders, methods of distribution, and frequency of publication, but not actual circulation.

Grassroots newspapers that apply for certification will instead be required to provide the ABC with invoices from their printers confirming the exact print run and frequency of each of their publications over the preceding six-month period. They will also file details of whether their publications are sold or free, and how they are distributed.

The resulting certificate will be valid for six (6) months. Only publications that abide by both Press Ombudsman and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) codes are eligible for the new certificate.

This new certificate gives smaller publishers the tools to compete for that advertising on a more even footing.


The ABC Certificate allows the publisher to sell advertising space based on certified information.

The ABC Certificate gives the advertiser comfort regarding the information claimed by the publisher

The information is certified by an independent authority with no affiliation, recognised by the industry as providing a true measure.

The certificate will elevate the status of the publication in the eyes of the advertiser.

The publisher will be expected to abide by a code of conduct, benefiting both themselves and the advertiser. The certificate holder may display the ABC Grassroots logo in his/her publication.

The ABC will forward the most recently updated list of Grassroots certificate holders to CAPRO.


  1. To act, at all times, with the utmost good faith.
  2. To ensure that the information provided to the ABC is in no way inaccurate, misleading or distorted.
  3. To respect the trademarks and copyrights of other members.
  4. To promote and sell space on the merits of the member’s own title, and not use promotion or selling methods that disparage other members or titles.
  5. To deal honestly and fairly with advertisers and suppliers.

Any publisher be found guilty by the Board of the ABC of breaching the code of conduct will be expelled from the ABC and all other members will be informed accordingly.


Registration with the ABC; this entails a payment of the required fee and submission of a copy of the publication. Brief description of the publications Publication Calenda Selling price (if any)

Registration with the ABC; this entails a payment of the required fee and submission of a copy of the publication.

  1. Brief description of the publications
  2. Publication Calenda
  3. Selling price (if any)

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