Membership - Registration Instructions

To Register for ABC click on (Register).

    1. Create Username and Password”.
        After this stage, an email will be received requesting email confirmation. Confirm your email using a link 
        provided and proceed to the next step.

    2. Once you have created your Login credentials, you will be directed to the ABC user application form.  

    3. Select the appropriate application type and follow the instructions.

You can download the ABC User Guide under Membership - User Guide.

Guide to application type

a. New User New User for an existing Publisher / Associate Member / Member

b. New Publisher Application Publisher Membership is granted to owners of an advertising medium, such as a magazine or newspaper. Your user and the new Publisher will be registered at the same time. Fees are applicable. See Schedule Membership - Fees.

c. New Associate Member Application Associate Membership is granted to applicants, such as advertisers, advertising agencies , and other interested parties. Your user and the new Associate Member will be registered at the same time. Fees are applicable. See Schedule Membership - Fees.

d. New Member Application Membership of other interested parties with more than 1 staff member requiring access. Your User and the new Member will be registered at the same time.

All new registrations are subject to approval by the ABC. On application the ABC will contact you as soon as your application has been approved. A User manual will be sent to you to assist you in the most effect use of ABC online site.

New Publication are registered after the approval stage of new publishers. The user manual will guide you through the process.

For existing publishers refer to your user manual to register new publications.


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